editor's note:Part of this project was about exploring the outer reaches of where death could go in the future. Not because I think these scenarios are where death is going, or ultimately how our future will play out. But because by studying the far edges of possible outcomes we will be better equipped to handle everything that falls in between.

Presented are two short stories that explore two extreme scenarios for death. The first story, 'In Death We Join', explores death if as a society we begin to embrace death as death transforms into a communal experience. Scenario two, "The Second Circle", explores the ramifications of digitally capturing consciousness in a collpsing world and what providing a true second life could mean.

Ready for some action?

Scenario Brief

The Path We've Laid

Despite the fact that there are people out there working to change how we face and prepare for death, options are still not available for a vast majority of the population. Death Tech, while promising, is mainly only offering better options for the rich. Even green funerals, which are objectively less expensive than traditional western funerals are grossly marked up. The funeral industry still has its hooks in us and we continue to turn our heads away from death and the aging process. We have greener options and innovation happens in spurts but everything new that could become mainstream is suspiciously priced out of the range for most of us. The suicide rate continues to rise, and the massive wave of baby boomers dying off leaves the funeral companies with fat pockets that they use to further entrench themselves.
Key Indicators
Runaway Capitalism
Wealth Inequality
Deteriorated Living, Fear of Death